2024 Membership Conditions


Your subs, along with any grants, sponsorship or fundraising the club may receive, help to keep the club functioning. This money goes towards the following major costs:

– Field/facility hire and development

– Coach training courses

– Equipment and Uniform

– Affiliation and entrance fees

– Administration expenses

Subs for 2023 are set as follows:

  • First Kicks $55;
  • Fun, Mini, and Youth Football players $115 (Discounted to $105 if paid prior to May 1st). Subsequent players in the same family $85 ($75 if paid prior to May 1st.)

Payment plans are available, please check the Register/Fees page for how to pay and more details.

Players will not be selected if subs are unpaid.  If you choose to withdraw from a squad a $20 administration fee applies and is non-refundable


Team Shirts and Shorts will be provided.

You are required to have a pair of black socks, shin pads and football boots. Shin pads are compulsory.

First Kicks: Only team shirts are provided. Players will also need a pair of black shorts.

Non-Return of Shirts/Shorts

You are liable to pay $50 for the non-return of any item of club uniform ($50 for shirts and $50 for shorts).

Code of Conduct

Players and parents are expected to abide by the club Code of Conduct.


By registering with the club you are agreeing to the following:

– That your personal information entered into COMET can be used by Hillcrest United FC for registration and organisational purposes.

– That the club may collect data on playing performance and training attendance, and you allow the club to share this data with other appropriate club members as well using this data in assigning players to a squad.

– That your image as related to Hillcrest United FC may be used for promotional and historical purposes.

– That, in accordance with the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007, your consent is hereby given for the receipt of electronic messages from the club as well as other organisations deemed appropriate, that relate to football matters, including but not limited to the administration of the game, football events, fundraising and sponsors interests.

– That you acknowledge that you compete at your own risk.

– That damage to and non-return of any item of strip or property of Hillcrest United FC may incur a repair or replacement fee.

– That you agree to adhere to the club code of conduct, health and safety policy and the club protocols