Please take the time to read the following documents so the kids get the most out of the season.

Listed are the playing rules for each format, and below, resources to help coaches/parents.

Hillcrest United Adult Code of Conduct

2023 Membership Conditions

Grades 2023

Your grade is determined by your year of birth. There is some flexibility to play up one grade. Playing up 2 grades or down a grade requires dispensation from WaiBOP, and is not encouraged in most circumstances.

5th Grade – 2018 (First Kicks)
6th Grade – 2017 (First Kicks)
7th Grade (boys) – 2016
8th Grade (boys) – 2015
U8 Girls – 2015/2016
9th Grade (boys) – 2014
10th Grade (boys) – 2013
U10 Girls – 2013/2014
11th Grade (boys) – 2012
12th Grade (boys) – 2011
U12 Girls – 2011/2012
13/14th Grade (boys) – 2009/2010
U14 Girls – 2009/2010/2011

Rules 2023

First Kicks Game Guidelines/Rules: 4th – 6th Grade Playing Rules 2023

First Kicks – Cluster Infomation Booklet 2022 (2023 still to come)

7th and 8th Grade Rules: Junior Playing Rules – 7th-8th Grade 2023

7th and 8th Grade Game Day Format: Waikato 8th Grade Game Day Format – 2022

9th and 10th Grade Rules: Retreating Line Rules – 9th Grade 10th Grade U10 Girls 2023

11th,12th,U12 Girls, U14 Girls Grade Rules: Retreating Line Rules 11-12 year olds U12 Girls 13th14th Grade Girls 2023

13/14th Grade (Boys) Youth Rules: Youth Framework – Playing Rules 2023

NZF Junior Framework 2023

McDonalds Youth Framework 2023

Junior Framework Playing Formats Summary 2023

NZF Retreating Line – Document 2018

WaiBOP Junior Regulations 2023

Waikato Junior Competition structure review 2023 – Final

McDonalds Junior Football – One Pager 2021-1


International Transfer Guidelines


NZF National Curriculum 2018

McDonalds Junior Football Review 2018


WaiBOP Education Calendar

Waikato Junior Coaching Pathway

Waikato Youth Coaching Pathway

Waikato Goalkeeper Training and Goalkeeper Coaching Pathway

Waikato Referees Courses


Coaching Resources

WaiBOP Coaching Videos – a selection of football activity videos that can help a junior football coach prepare their team for the season.

NZ Football Coaching Videos

The McDonalds Junior Framework provides a consistent, coordinated national approach to the development of junior players.

McDonalds Skill Zone provides age appropriate activities for young players to practice at home:

Fit4Football has a warm up program designed to reduce injury in players and referees.

WaiBOP’s resources page.