Registrations will close shortly – Register now.

Reminder that registrations close shortly. All players are encouraged to register now. Once teams are formed, enrolments are only accepted if space exists.

Please feel free to register through My Comet using the link below. Feel free to let us know if there are any technical issues or questions. (email:


2024 Registration for First Kicks and Junior Football is now open

The season runs on Saturdays from 4th May until 31st August, with an optional 5-a-side festival on Sunday 22nd September.

Please register by 30th March to guarantee your place in a team. Once teams are formed, enrolments are only accepted if space exists.

When registering, please consider helping as a coach, assistant-coach, manager for your child’s team. Contact if you are interested or would like to find out more.

Grades 2024

Your grade is determined by your year of birth.

Grades – pertain to the age the player turns in the year of play (e.g. player turns 8 later this year = 8th grade)

Grade Year(s) of Birth
5th First Kicks 2019
6th First Kicks 2018
U6 Girls 2018/2019
7th 2017
8th 2016
U8 Girls 2016/2017
9th 2015
10th 2014
U10 Girls 2014/2015
11th 2013
12th 2012
U12 Girls 2012/2013
13th 2011
14th 2010
U14 Girls 2010/2011/2012


There is some flexibility to play up one grade. Playing up 2 grades or down a grade requires dispensation from WaiBOP, and is not encouraged in most circumstances.


Registration links

All registration is managed by MyCOMET. Each child needs their own MyCOMET login. For help with registering or logging in, see below.

For First Kicks info, please see our First Kicks page. This will be updated through the season.

Note, you need an account for each child in MyCOMET. Sign up or login here. Once the account is set up (or updated from last year), please click on the Hillcrest United registration link below, and “purchase” the registration item for the season. If you get stuck, please read through the instructions here or registration help further down this page. It is free to register with Comet (the purchase price is set at $0) although registration won’t be confirmed until payment is made to the club account.

NZ Football has updated MyComet earlier this year.  If a parent is registered as a player/coach/referee etc. then childrens’ MyComet accounts may already be linked to their parent’s accounts. If you would like to link accounts with NZ Football, linking accounts can be requested as below.

Direct link to Hillcrest United Player Registration:

Season Fees

First Kicks football (5th and 6th Grade) is for kids born 2018-2019.
Junior football (Fun Football/Mini Football/Youth Football) is for kids born 2010 – 2017.

First Kicks: $55.
Junior Football:
If paid before 1st May, prompt-payment discounts apply:

$105 for the first child
$75 for subsequent children in the same family

If paid after 1st May:

$115 for the first child
$85 for subsequent children in the same family

Fees payment plan available, 10% per week over 10 weeks. For example, for one child, $10/11 per week. For two children, $17/19 per week, etc. If this is set up and started before 1st May, the prompt-payment discount applies. Please contact us for more details and to set this up.

Disadvantaged children/families evaluated on a case-by-case basis for further discount – please contact us.

If you choose to withdraw your child after the season has started, a $20 administration fee per child applies and is non-refundable, unless a medical certificate is provided.

Payment method

Direct Credit/Internet Banking
Hillcrest United, Westpac, Hillcrest – 03-1559-0044455-000
Ensure your child’s full name and team grade are the payment reference.

Non-Return of Shirts/Shorts

You are liable to pay $50 for the non-return of any item of club uniform ($50 for shirts and $50 for shorts).

Registration Help

Registrations are managed by MyCOMET, which is run by NZ Football. You need to have a separate account for each child in MyCOMET.

The registration process has two parts:

  1. Creating an account (if you are new to football) or updating your account (if you are a returning player)
  2. Registering for the season.

Registration is not complete until you get an email from MyCOMET notifying you of your new purchase (i.e. registration).

Setting up your account in MyCOMET

New Players

If your child is new to football this year, then you will need to sign them up to MyCOMET.

Visit the MyCOMET login page.  Click the “New User? Register” link at the bottom. You will need to fill in some basic information about your child. Please make sure you sign up using your child’s name and date of birth, not your own. Use a parent’s email address as a contact, as this is what WAIBOP will use to send out information, and what you can use to reset your password. Don’t use, for example, a student email address that may expire when they leave school, as you may not be able to access it later. You need to choose a username and password – this is what you can use to login to MyCOMET once your account is created.

When the account is created, you will receive an email asking you to verify the email address. Once you have done this, then you can login.

When you login, you will be prompted to fill in missing details (guardian name, player ethnicity, address etc). NOTE, to type in these fields, you need to click the “edit” button – you may need to scroll down to find this. You need to fill in all listed fields. You will also need to add a mobile phone number – Click “Add” to add a new contact field. We also recommend adding email addresses and cell phone numbers for both parents/guardians, and anyone else that may want to get game info each week. Then don’t forget to click “Save” to save your changes.

Now your account is created, you can register for the season. See below.

Returning Players

You will already have a MyCOMET username and password. Login at the MyCOMET login page.

If you can’t remember your username or password, click the “Forgot username/password’ link on the login form, and you can enter your email address to get your username and password mailed out to you. Note, this will send out one email per account that you have, if you have multiple children registered.

If you still can’t find your username, or have trouble logging in, please create a new support ticket at and NZ Football will help you out.

As for new users, once you have logged in you may be prompted to fill in missing contact details. To type in these fields, you need to click the “edit” button – you may need to scroll down to find this. You need to fill in all listed fields. Then don’t forget to click “Save”.

To add new contact details (cell phones, emails etc) click the “Add” button. We recommend adding email address and cell phone numbers for both parents/guardians, and anyone else that may want to get game info each week.

Now your account is created, you can register for the season.

Registering for the season

Click this Hillcrest United Registration Link

Further information on registration can be found here:

Instead of clicking the link you can, from your MyCOMET dashboard, select Register->Register Player->Football. These will take you to the “Browse and purchase COMET products” page. From here, select Hillcrest United FC in the drop down list (ignore NZF if it is there), and see the registration items available for this year. To choose an item, click the cart icon (“Add to cart”) on the right hand side.

Once you are at the correct registration item, you will be prompted to fill in the fields for the item survey. Here you can indicate if you can help with coaching or managing, or put in team requests – e.g. who your child would like to be in a team with. You need to tick the button to accept the club-membership conditions (that box is compulsory; be sure to visit the conditions link and check them out!). Then you can click the “Add to cart” button. If you have chosen the wrong item, you can always “Remove from cart” as needed.


To complete registration, you need to click the cart icon (top right of the page), and then proceed to checkout. and click “Finish”. It should say “Completed”, and you should get an email confirming your ‘purchase’ of the registration item. Note, if you don’t receive the email, then you haven’t completed it properly.


Email if there are any questions.


The registration is purchased for free via MyCOMET. You will need to do an internet bank transfer to the club. Details above. Note that COMET doesn’t know about our family discount, so just pay according to the amounts detailed above.

If you wish your child to play up a grade, please register for the grade they wish to play at, and also email

Still stuck? Email Or check out lots of comet help articles at


MyCOMET registration is run by NZ Football.  If you have any questions/issues with signing up, logging in, or registration, please create a support ticket by emailing and NZ Football will help you.



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